Barry the Barn Owl

Barry the Barn Owl


Meet Barry the Barn Owl, one of our local residents. Barn owls are normally nocturnal but Barry (as we took the liberty of naming him) seemed to enjoy a spot of daylight hunting for a while and was not averse to having his photo taken when we first encountered him.  Hardly surprising, given how beautiful he is!

The long grass in the hay meadow in front of Elmet Farmhouse provides an ideal habitat for voles, field mice  and rabbits. In recent years Barry the Barn Owl has been regularly spotted at dusk circling our fields during the summer months hunting for prey to feed his brood.  

Tawny owls also live close by in the woods and can often be heard hunting at night outside our windows. Little owls and short-eared owls also inhabit the hills and dales in this locality, so if you want to see and hear owls at close quarters, Elmet Farmhouse is the place to come.


© All photos copyright Lesley Jackson

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