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Elmet Farmhouse – Terms & Conditions


Bookings and payments


1.       Full week bookings are normally Friday to Friday (7 nights). Short breaks are normally a minimum of 3 nights starting on Friday or Monday.

2.       Bookings can be made via the website, by email or by phone. Bookings remain provisional until payment has been received.

3.       A non-refundable 50% deposit is payable at the time of booking. Full payment is due two calendar months before the start of your holiday. If the full balance is not paid by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

4.       Our preferred method of payment is by direct bank transfer (BACS). Cheques accepted by arrangement but booking remains provisional until cheque has cleared.

5.       Provisional bookings will be held for a maximum of 24hrs. Unless the booking is confirmed and payment received within this period, the provisional booking will expire.

6.       In the event of cancellations or date alterations by guests prior to the start of the holiday, refunds are discretionary and will normally only be considered if the property is re-let. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any bookings without further liability on our behalf. In this event, a full refund will be given.

7.       We reserve the right to levy additional charges and / or a security deposit for children, extra guests, late bookings and non-standard bookings.


Arrival and departure


8.       Arrival time is no earlier than 4pm. Departure time is no later than 10am. Late departures cause serious problems for same day changeovers, so guests are requested to ensure that they pack up and leave the premises promptly by 10am at the latest. We reserve the right to charge a £50 penalty for unauthorized late departures.

9.       On arrival, two keys will be issued. Lost keys will be charged at £20 each.

10.    On departure, the Farmhouse must be left clean and tidy. All crockery and kitchenwares should be washed and put away. See also Note 27.

11.    All damage must be paid for. An automatic penalty of £250 will be charged if the Farmhouse is left in an unacceptably dirty condition or if the buildings and/or its contents have been abused.


Guests and children


12.    The maximum number of guests permitted to stay in Elmet Farmhouse at any one time is normally limited to 6. Up to 2 additional guests may be accommodated by prior arrangement at the owner’s discretion, subject to additional charges. No more than 8 guests are allowed in total.

13.    No organized or impromptu parties or large gatherings are to be held at Elmet Farmhouse, including stag parties and hen parties.

14.    The Farmhouse must not be used for any dangerous, noxious, illegal, immoral, offensive, noisy or anti-social activities. Guests causing a nuisance or annoyance to the owners, or breaking the terms and conditions of the holiday let, will be required to leave.

15.    Due to the historic nature of the property, which is a Grade II Listed 18th century building, we regret that the Farmhouse is not suitable for visitors with mobility problems. The stairs are steep and there are no bathrooms or toilets on the ground floor.

16.    Well-behaved children are welcome at Elmet Farmhouse, but it is essential that children are supervised and controlled at all times, both within the Farmhouse and elsewhere on the premises, including the farmyard, the garden, the fields and the drive. Parents are reminded that they must take action to ensure their children do not abuse or damage the farmhouse and its contents. The following activities are strictly prohibited: swinging on the stair rails, sliding down the stairs, throwing missiles, jumping on the beds, jumping or climbing on the furniture, swinging on or pulling at the curtain rails or glass shower doors. To avoid spillages, we request that food and drink is confined to the kitchen.

17.    Parents with toddlers are advised that the stairs are steep and there are limited child gates. Young children are welcome but extra vigilance is required by parents and/or responsible adults to ensure their safety. The owners cannot be held responsible for any injury or accidents on the premises.

18.    For hygiene reasons, the farmhouse is unsuitable for toddlers and young children who are prone to bed-wetting, or guests suffering from incontinence or other medical conditions that might result in beds or furniture being soiled or stained.


Pets, smoking and fire precautions


19.    No dogs, pets or animals of any kind are permitted at Elmet Farmhouse.

20.    Elmet Farmhouse is a No Smoking property. No smoking is permitted inside the Farmhouse.

21.    No candles are permitted at Elmet Farmhouse due to fire risk and the risk of damaging the furniture with hot wax.

22.    Care must be taken when using the wood-burning stove. Please follow the instructions carefully and ensure that the door to the stove is kept closed once the fire has been lit. In order to avoid damaging the flue, only seasoned wood should be burnt in the stove. A fire extinguisher and a fire blanket are provided. A fireguard is available on request.

23.    The living room and kitchen both have fire doors. As a safety precaution, guests are requested to ensure that these doors are closed at night. There is a heat detector in the kitchen, a carbon monoxide detector outside the first floor bedrooms and wired smoke detectors throughout the house. Guests must not disable or tamper with these important safety devices. If any of the alarms go off, please leave the building immediately and contact the owner.


Water, energy and waste disposal


24.    Elmet Farmhouse has a private septic tank, which also serves the neighbouring house. It is vital to ensure that nothing is put down the drains in the kitchen or bathrooms that might block the pipes or affect the workings of the septic tank. No tampons, sanitary towels, nappies, wet wipes, pads, plastics, cotton wool, hair, foodstuffs or any non-biodegradable material should be put down any of the toilets, sinks, basins, baths and showers. No bleach or bleach-based cleaning products should be used as these will damage the biological processes in the septic tank. Guests acting irresponsibly during their stay will be liable for the cost of unblocking drains, emptying the septic tank and/or any other remedial work required to restore the sewerage system.

25.    The Farmhouse is on mains water and has a water meter. Guests are requested not to leave taps unnecessarily or to waste water.

26.    The Farmhouse is very well insulated and has been equipped with an eco-boiler, thermostats and low energy bulbs and appliances. Guests are requested to use energy resources responsibly and not to waste gas and electricity by leaving lights on unnecessarily or running the central heating continuously or at high temperatures.

27.    Due to strict government regulations regarding waste collection from holiday cottages, guests are required to remove all their rubbish from the premises on departure and to dispose of it responsibly themselves via their local council’s domestic waste collection and recycling system.

Doors, windows and security


28.    There are four Velux windows in the attics. To avoid rain water damage, please ensure that these windows and all the others in the house are closed before you go out, or if it is raining when you are in other rooms.  Please shut the doors when you are out in the garden in order to prevent mice, birds, cats or other animals entering the house.

29.    The Farmhouse has two five-lever mortice locks on each of the exterior doors and window locks on all the windows. Please ensure that all doors and windows are locked when leaving the house.

30.    Guests are reminded that the security of your possessions in the Farmhouse and in your vehicles is your own responsibility.


Other precautions


31.    Guests are advised to take special care on the steep staircases and on the steps in the utility room/kitchen and the first floor landing.

32.    Guests are strongly advised not to go under the eaves in the attics as there are low beams. To avoid unnecessary accidents, please ensure that all members of your party are made aware of this potential hazard, especially children.

33.    Taller guests should take care when walking under the wall-hung cabinet, in the utility room and when ascending the stairs to the attic, as the stairwell ceiling height is lower at this point.

34.    Guests are reminded that the Farmhouse is a historic building and that it was previously a working farm. Some of the gravel paths and stone paving are uneven and may be slippery at times. For your own safety, please take care inside the Farmhouse and elsewhere on the premises, including the farmyard, the garden, the main drive and on the drive and pathways to the owners’ house next door.


Furniture, furnishings and appliances


35.    Please remove all stilettos and narrow-heeled shoes when entering the farmhouse in order to avoid damaging the linoleum floor in the kitchen, utility room, hall and bathrooms.

36.    Please remove boots and shoes before walking on the carpets.

37.    The Farmhouse has been furnished and equipped to a high standard. Guests are requested to respect the furniture, furnishings, ornaments, works of art and appliances in the property.

38.    To avoid damage, please do not move the furniture.

39.    To avoid breakages and accidents, please ensure that children and other guests do not swing on the stair rails, slide down the stairs, jump on the beds, sofa, chairs and window seats, climb on the other furniture, hang items from curtain rails, pull at the curtains or blinds or swing on the glass shower doors or shower fittings..

40.    To avoid marking the furniture and kitchen units, please use the mats and coasters provided. To avoid spillages, please do not take food and drink into the lounge or the bedrooms.

41.    Guests are advised that if the building or its contents are damaged as a result of irresponsible or malicious behavior by visitors, including children, an automatic penalty of £250 will be charged. The owners reserve the right to levy additional charges to cover the full cost of repair or replacement for damage to the property and its furnishings and contents.

42.    If you experience problems with any appliances or if there are spillages or any minor breakages during your stay, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can deal with these issues promptly before the arrival of the next guests.


Barn, farmyard, garden


43.    The Farmhouse has its own private garden with outdoor seating at the front and side of the property, accessed through the right hand picket gate next to the Farmhouse. Access to the garden directly in front of the barn may be possible by arrangement at the owners’ discretion.

44.    The adjacent fields are grown for hay between April and August and may sometimes be used for grazing during the autumn and winter months. Some access may be possible at other times at the owners’ discretion. Advice will be given on arrival and is subject to conditions. If permitted, entry to the fields is entirely at the guest’s own risk and children must be supervised by parents or responsible adults at all times.

45.    Please note, there is no access to the neighbouring barns. These areas are strictly private and out of bounds.

46.    No ball games are permitted inside the Farmhouse or in garden, the farmyard or the drive.  Ball games may be played in the fields at certain times of year at the owners’ discretion (see note 44 ).


Parking and access


47.    Parking for two cars is provided next to the Farmhouse. An additional vehicle can be accommodated on the gravel recess near the owners’ fruit and vegetable garden just above the farmyard.

48.    Please note that the farmyard is required for turning, deliveries and access to the field and barns. No parking is permitted in the farmyard except by prior arrangement. Please do not block the entrance to the adjoining house or the gate in the farmyard as access is required at all times. Please do not park in our neighbours’ private parking area at the top of the main drive.

49.    When reversing, please take care not to hit the walls of the barn or the low-walled flower bed in the farmyard.

50.    When pulling out of the drive onto the road, please proceed with caution and check for traffic in both directions before pulling out.

51.    Visitors are warned that the drive is steep and can be slippery in icy or snowy conditions. When snow is forecast, guests are strongly advised to park on the road, otherwise vehicles may get stuck and may block the drive.

52.    The owners cannot accept responsibility for damage to guests’ vehicles anywhere on the premises, including the farmyard and on the drive.


Mobiles and wi-fi


53.    There is no landline in the Farmhouse. Mobile reception is reasonable for most providers, although some mobiles may work better outside.

54.    Free wi-fi is provided but please note that, due to the thickness of the stone walls in the farmhouse, signal strength varies in different rooms and reception may not be sufficient for Apple devices such as iphones and ipads in all areas of the house. Wi-fi reception is not guaranteed but the owners will endeavour to resolve any technical problems as quickly as possible.


The owners reserve the right to vary these Terms and Conditions at their discretion at any time.


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