Photo Journal – January 2017

Have you had your Five a Day?

Five photos taken on walks in the countryside and villages around Hebden Bridge and the Upper Calder Valley, interspersed with views from Elmet Farmhouse in the village of Pecket Well, and a few forays further afield. Yorkshire at its finest. Enjoy!

These are the last entries in my Five A Day Photo Journal covering 12 months from 1 February 2016 to 31 January 2017. Scroll down to see how the landscape and the natural world evolves from season to season over the course of the year.


31 January 2017

Walshaw Lodge above Hardcastle Crags 



View across Hardcastle Crags towards Heptonstall Moor


Looking across Hardcastle Crags near Walshaw, with Heptonstall Moor on the far hilltop


Moorland between Walshaw and Crimsworth Dean


Pony on top of the moor 


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


30 January 2017

Former quarry in Crimsworth Dean, below Shackleton Hill


Track through a copse of Scots Pine trees near boundary of National Trust estate in Crimsworth Dean


Meadow in Crimsworth Dean, at the foot of Shackleton Hill, where Ted Hughes camped as a child

View from Walshaw across Hardcastle Crags towards Stoodley Pike


Looking towards Slack Top and Stoodley Pike across Hardcastle Crags from Walshaw


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


29 January 2017

View from Elmet Farmhouse at 10.30 am as the early morning fog was clearing


Blue sky over the woods in Crimsworth Dean at at 11.37 am

The beauty of leafless trees in winter


An oak tree in Crimsworth Dean, near Mideghole


Drystone retaining wall of disused dam in Crimsworth Dean


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


28 January 2017

This year we will be wearing…


… lots of extra layers…


… because it’s cold out there


… in Crimsworth Dean



© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


27 January 2017

Freezing fog makes for some intriguing visual effects – that’s Old Town mill chimney on the right


View from Pecket Well War Memorial, looking towards Heptonstall and Stoodley Pike, with River of Mist in the Calder Valley


Three monuments in alignment: Stoodley Pike, Heptonstall Church and Pecket Well War Memorial


Pecket Well War Memorial honouring the dead from the First and Second World Wars – echoing the obelisk form of Stoodley Pike


Peachy sky over Old Town early on monday morning


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


26 January 2017

Extras from Baa-Baa Land in Martin Parr’s old haunt of Crimsworth Dean


As retweeted today by the Martin Parr Studio!


Crimsworth Dean looking rather ethereal early yesterday morning


Nonconformist sheep in Crimsworth Dean


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


25 January 2017

Beautiful pink sky in Crimsworth Dean at 8.15 am this morning


Sunrise over Old Town


View along Crimsworth Dean towards Heptonstall


Old Town Mill chimney on the horizon from Crimsworth Dean at 8.11 am


Crimsworth Dean on an early January morning


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


24 January 2017

Hebden Dale from Pecket Well War Memorial at 7.50 am this morning


Old Town Mill chimney silhouetted against the sunrise at 7.45 am this morning


River of Mist in the Calder Valley at 8.55 am yesterday morning

Sunset in Crimsworth Dean last friday afternoon



© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


23 January 2017

View from Elmet Farmhouse at Pecket Well above Hebden Bridge at 9 am this morning


Freezing fog at dawn melted into a River of Mist at sunrise


Stoodley Pike and Heptonstall separated by the River of Mist


Hard frost on the hills, mist in the valleys


Stoodley Pike rising above it all


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


22 January 2017

The Queen of Crimsworth Dean


Top of the Flocks


View along Crimsworth Dean in late afternoon January sunshine


Heptonstall Church in the centre, Stoodley Pike on the far right


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


21 January 2017


Yesterday’s glorious sunset at Elmet Farmhouse



After days of overcast skies the cloud lifted – this was the scene earlier in the day at 2.50pm


Rosy sunset after a warm sunny day spent planting apple trees in the field


Perfect backdrop to Stoodley Pike


Looking towards the west from Elmet Farmhouse at 4.45pm



© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


20 January 2017

Beautiful sunset in Crimsworth Dean at 4.10pm this afternoon


Pink haze over Crimsworth Dean with Stoodley Pike on the far horizon


Pastoral scene in Crimsworth Dean



Stoodley Pike framed by the steep wooded slopes of Crimsworth Dean



© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


19 January 2017

Percy the Pheasant in the field in front of Elmet Farmhouse


Muted view from Elmet Farmhouse on a mild cloudy January morning


Fungi on lilac tree in the garden


Beautiful patterns and colours


Ivy-clad gateposts and ornate Victorian gate leading into the field in front of Elmet Farmhouse


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


18 January 2017

Crimsworth Dean Beck near Midgehole and Hardcastle Crags


Still some copper-coloured leaves clinging to the beech saplings in Crimsworth Dean


Cornus ablaze at Wheat Ing in Crimsworth Dean


Packhorse bridge over Crimsworth Dean Beck at Wheat Ing


View from Pecket Well towards Heptonstall on a mild misty January morning


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


17 January 2017


Crimsworth Dean on a mizzly January morning



Leafless trees silhouetted against the misty landscape



Everything is in soft focus and looking rather muted



Pecket Well ponies looking a bit bedraggled



But at least they live in a des res


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


16 January 2017


Looking down on Luddenden Dean from Wadsworth Moor



Snowy expanse on Wadsworth Moor, looking in the direction of Crimsworth Dean



Reservoir on Wadsworth Moor above Pecket Well



Winter heather with its characteristic deep purplish-brown hue contrasting with the snow



Wadsworth Moor above Old Town a couple of days ago


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


15 January 2017


Walking up to Limers Gate up on Wadsworth Moor above Pecket Well yesterday morning



Sun blazing on the snowy hills



Swaledale sheep camouflaged in the snow



Here today, gone tomorrow…



Enjoy it while you can!


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


14 January 2017


Snowy panorama from Elmet Farmhouse at Pecket Well above Hebden Bridge



Stoodley Pike looking particularly magnificent, the snow highlighting the contours of Langfield Common, the ridge on which it stands



Heptonstall looking positively alpine 



Our recentCanadian guests compared the view to the Rockies, and you can see why!



Pecket Well War Memorial with Hardcastle Crags and Shackleton Hill beyond


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


13 January 2017


Spectacular sunset at Elmet Farmhouse at 4.20 pm yesterday afternoon



Amazing colours reflected off the newly-fallen snow



This view is across the fields from here at Pecket Well towards Lower Crimsworth



Heptonstall church is just visible on the horizon on the left




© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


12 January 2017


Snowy panorama from Elmet Farmhouse at noon today



We’re back in the throes of winter



Pecket Well War Memorial on Smeekin Hill with mist rising from Hardcastle Crags



A blizzard of sorts, but not particularly heavy



Pecket Well Clough in the middle distance with Heptonstall on the hill above Hardcastle Crags


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


11 January 2017


View from Elmet Farmhouse at Pecket Well above Hebden Bridge at 11am



Ivy clad gateposts flanked by lilac and laburnum trees



View from Elmet Farmhouse with Heptonstall and Stoodley Pike on the horizon



Stoodley Pike on the far side of the Calder Valley



Winter sunhsine on the village of Heptonstall perched on the hill above Hardcastle Crags


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


10 January 2017


Hebden Bridge in the winter sunshine…



… glowing with pride after winning the Great British High Street Competition



Not only Best Small Market Town…



But the People’s Choice as well, attracting 40,000 votes from its admirers



Hip Hip Hooray for Hebden Bridge! What a top-notch little town

© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


9 January 2017


Aternoon sunshine in evergreen Crimsworth Dean



“I’m ready for my close up”



Aerial vew of Crimsworth Dean, looking towards The Steps



Well-insulated sheepin Crimsworth Dean, ready for whatever the winter has to throw at them


Rosy Crimsworth Dean sunset on New Year’s Day, with Stoodley Pike in the distance


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


8 January 2017


Lumb Falls in Crimsworth Dean



Two waterfalls side by side with a plunge pool below



Packhorse bridge over Crimsworth Dean Beck above Lumb Falls



Looking downstream along Crimsworth Dean Beck from the packhorse bridge



And looking upstream along Crimsworth Dean Beck from the packhorse bridge at Lumb Falls


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


7 January 2017


Ruins of 13th century chapel at Heptonstall



Weavers Square in Heptonstall with the tower of the chapel in the background



Alleyway with arched gateway near the churchyard in Heptonstall



Top ‘oth Town, next to Weavers Square in Heptonstall



© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


6 January 2017


Pink early morning sunshine on the frosty hills above Hardcastle Crags at Blake Dean



Blake Dean wearing its winter coat



Hardcastle Crags below Widdop Gate at 9 am



Sun catching the tops of the hills through the trees in Hardcastle Crags



Farm on the horizon near Widdop Gate above Hardcastle Crags


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


5 January 2017


Heavy frost at Blake Dean, Hardcastle Crags



Frost-coated bracken by Hebden Water



Parting of the Red Sea



Scots Pine and rocky outcrops near Blake Dean


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson



4 January 2017


View from Elmet Farmhouse in the village of Pecket Well above Hebden Bridge at 12.30 pm today 



With Stoodley Pike in the distance and Heptonstall on the horizon, surely this is one of the most perfect panoramas in Yorkshire



A glorious view all year round 



Here it is again with a pinkish glow at 15.40 pm in the afternoon two days ago 



And back to the here and now


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


3 January 2017


Hebden Bridge beaming in the January sunshine



Winner of the Best Small Market Town in the Great British High Street Competition


What a heroic achievement!



What an amazing setting…



… what a remarkable town


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


2 January 2017


A walk to Stoodley Pike on beautiful frosty January morning



The stark beauty of leafless trees



Sheep on the hillside below Stoodley Pike 



Busy day up at Stoodley Pike – the fine weather brought people out in throngs!




View across the Calder Valley from Stoodley Pike


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


1 January 2017


Crimsworth Dean at 15.20 pm



Late afternoon sun in Crimsworth Dean



Sheep at Walshaw



Grain Farm in Crimsworth Dean



Thrush in Crimsworth Dean

© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


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