Hannah Nunn Lights Up Elmet

Hannah Nunn Lights Up Elmet Farmhouse



Newly restored Elmet Farmhouse was already looking rather lovely but it’s now even more stunning following the arrival of a host of Hannah Nunn’s beautiful flowery lamps. Hannah lives and works in Hebden Bridge where she makes exquisite hand-crafted cut paper lamps. To find out more, visit Hannah’s website.


hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-26  hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-27

Her work is sold through her inspirational shop Radiance – one of the highlights of Hebden Bridge – and shipped all around the world…

We’d admired Hannah’s work for many years so when we were putting the final touches to Elmet Farmhouse we invited her to visit. She responded with enthusiasm and before you could say ‘light bulb’ she was back with a box of treasures, which have now been installed all over the house.



Hannah takes her inspiration from the natural world, particularly skeletal flowers, seed heads and grasses.


hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-31  hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-12

Each piece is a work of art but the one we’re particularly excited about is the large  Paper Meadow Floor Lamp, specially created for the long low Swedish teak sideboard in the living room. Most of Hannah’s designs focus on a single plant such as allium or cow parsley, but this piece overlays an array of imagery, bringing the garden and fields into the house.


hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-7  hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-34

The soft ambient glow of Hannah’s lamps makes them particularly appropriate for bedrooms. Each bed in the farmhouse is now illuminated by its own beautiful bedside lamp.


hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-22   hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-28

Other lamps sit on cupboards, bookcases and chests of drawers, casting their warm milky radiance onto walls… or throwing heavenly halos onto ceilings…


hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-2   hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-11

In the front bedroom – the one with the alluring white window seat and chintz curtains – an allium lamp is reflected in a mirror, multiplying the effect.


hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-14   hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-12

Hannah’s lamps have transformed the farmhouse. We’re thrilled to bits at what she’s done and full of admiration for her creativity and skill. We’re sure our guests will love them. Hannah has also designed a lovely range of wallpaper, some of which will be adorning the attic shower room at Elmet soon…


hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-35   hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-38

It’s particularly appropriate that Hannah’s lamps have been installed in the run up to the festive season. Although they evoke the lush meadows of summertime, there is something lantern-like and Christmassy about them as well. But, like Elmet Farmhouse, Hannah’s lamps are not just for Christmas, they’re an all-year-round delight….


hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-5   hannah-nunn-lamps-at-elmet-farmhouse-holiday-cottage-yorkshire-3


We’d like to thank Hannah for her inspiring contribution to Elmet. To learn more about Hannah’s visits to the farmhouse, read Hannah’s Blog for 28 October and 11 November 2014. You can buy Hannah’s lamps online via her website or at Radiance at 26 Market Street, Hebden Bridge.

© Text and photos copyright Lesley Jackson

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