Photos of the Month 2017

Elmet Farmhouse Photos of the Month: 2017

A hand-picked selection of recent photos featuring views from Elmet Farmhouse at Pecket Well above Hebden Bridge and snapshots of the surrounding countryside in and around the Upper Calder Valley


December 2017

View from Elmet Farmhouse in the snow, with Stoodley Pike and Heptonstall on the horizon

The snow-capped hilltop village of Heptonstall, directly opposite Elmet Farmhouse at Pecket Well

The towering monument of Stoodley Pike on the snowy ridge above Hebden Bridge


Trig point at High Brown Knoll on Wadsworth Moor above Pecket Well, a short walk from Elmet Farmhouse


Looking towards Warley Reservoir from High Brown Knoll on a snowy December morning


A lovely snowy winter walk up onto the tussocky moorland above Elmet Farmhouse


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


November 2017

Late autumn in Crimsworth Dean – the bracken has turned to russet but the grass is still a vibrant shade of green


Charolet cattle grazing in their scenic hilltop meadows above Crimsworth Dean and Hardcastle Crags


The precipitous bracken-covered slopes of Blake Dean at the top end of Hardcastle Crags



Late autumn splendour at Blake Dean


Blake Dean, where Alcomden Water and Graining Water meet to form Hebden Water, running through Hardcastle Crags


Hardcastle Crags, one of the most beautiful woodlands in the country, on the doorstep at Elmet Farmhouse


Stoodley Pike on a fine November day – no better destination for a hike near Hebden Bridge


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


October 2017


Elmet at Elmet! Congratulations to Fiona Mozley, whose highly-acclaimed novel Elmet was shortlisted for the 2017 Man Booker Prize. A new addition to the library at Elmet Farmhouse, alongside the Brontes and Ted Hughes


Autumn view from Elmet Farmhouse, as featured on the cover of Ted Hughes’s Remains of Elmet


Stoodley Pike and Heptonstall with autumn sunshine bouncing off the hills


Jewel-like colours on the hilltop hay meadows at Heptonstall


Residual purple in the heather moorland above Blake Dean beyond Hardcastle Crags


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


 September 2017

View of Heptonstall from Elmet Farmhouse at 7.25am on 19 September 2017 – beautiful pinky-purple light on the hills beyond


Stoodley Pike and Heptonstall in the early morning sunshine, with the trees in Hardcastle Crags just starting to turn


Multiple pockets of early morning mist clinging to the woods in Hardcastle Crags, viewed from Crimsworth Dean


River of mist in the Calder Valley between Heptonstall and Stoodley Pike, photographed at 6.54am on 19 September 2017


The magnificent newly-restored Halifax Piece Hall, built in 1779 for merchants to trade locally-made hand-woven woollen cloth


Looking more like an Italian piazza than an 18th century cloth market, the impressive Grade I Listed Halifax Piece Hall now houses cafes and shops and provides a unique venue for outdoor events


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


August 2017

This month’s photos are devoted to the spectacular display of heather above Widdop Reservoir, not far from Hardcastle Crags. Seen here is a dramatic rocky outcrop called Dove Stones slicing up through the heather moorland on Widdop Moor.


View along Great Edge, a rocky gritstone outcrop running for a mile or so above Widdop Reservoir


Great Edge with heather in full bloom on Widdop Moor


Widdop Reservoir from Widdop Moor


Widdop Reservoir from Great Edge in the early morning sunshine


Cludders Slack above Widdop Reservoir


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


July 2017


Deer oh deer! A beautiful roe deer kid in the field at Elmet Farmhouse, one of pair of twins born in our hay meadow in June.


Double at t’mill! Gibson Mill reflected in the millpond in Hardcastle Crags on a lovely sunny July morning.


View of Gibson Mill with the old packhorse bridge in the heart of Hardcastle Crags


Hebden Water, the river running through the narrow gorge-like valley of Hardcastle Crags, with its verdant summer canopy


First cut: the start of this year’s haymaking in the meadow at Elmet Farmhouse, with the panoramic backdrop of Heptonstall Church and Stoodley Pike


Making hay while the sun shines in the meadow at Elmet Farmhouse. The grass is turned several times so that it dries out before being baled.


View from Elmet Farmhouse with swathes of mist rising up from Hardcastle Crags and swirling around the hilltop village of Heptonstall, taken at 7.30am on 23 July 2017


© Photos copyright Ian Fishwick and Lesley Jackson


June 2017


The magical hidden valley of Jumble Hole Clough, one of the numerous spurs off the Upper Calder Valley near Hebden Bridge


The atmospheric ruins of Staups Mill in Jumble Hole Clough


Golden plover chick on Wadsworth Moor above Pecket Well – listen out for the peeps


Curlew in Crimsworth Dean 


On the tops above Walshaw between Crimsworth Dean and Hardcastle Crags


Well-fed lambs on the lush green slopes above Hardcastle Crags with golden buttercups in the hilltop hay meadows across the valley 


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


May 2017


One subjects dominates this month… bluebells


An aurora borealis of bluebells in Hardcastle Crags


Close up and personal with the bluebells and stitchwort in Hardcastle Crags


Bluebells carpeting the earth beneath the trees in Hardcastle Crags


Newly-unfurled beech leaves overhanging Hebden Water in the woodland paradise of Hardcastle Crags


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


April 2017


Lamb piggy back in Crimsworth Dean


Number 1: new-born lamb in Crimsworth Dean


Early spring sunshine in Crimsworth Dean


Ramsons (aka wild garlic) in the woods in Crimsworth Dean


A river of ramsons rampaging down the steep slopes of Crimsworth Dean


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


March 2017


Mill chimney in Colden Clough near Heptonstall


Evocative remains from a huge complex of mills in the woods near Lumb Bank in Colden Clough


Elmet Farmhouse in the spring sunshine with a dazzling display of daffodils


View from Elmet Farmhouse at Pecket Well, looking towards Heptonstall and Stoodley Pike


The handsome stone mullion windows of 18th century Elmet Farmhouse, with forsythia and daffodils in the garden


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson

February 2017


River of Mist in Hardcastle Crags below Elmet Farmhouse with Stoodley Pike on the  horizon

Mist clearing in Pecket Well Clough below Elmet Farmhouse


Expectant sheep at Grain Farm in Crimsworth Dean


Heron nest-building in the treetops above Hardcastle Crags


Early morning above Colden Clough near Heptonstall


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


January 2017


Stoodley Pike from bridleway above Horsehold, near Hebden Bridge


View from Pecket Well towards Heptonstall


View along Crimsworth Dean towards Stoodley Pike


Sheep in the bracken in Crimsworth Dean


Walshaw Lodge above Hardcastle Crags


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson

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