September Hikes

Landscape and wildlife photographs taken during September in the hills and dales around the Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge. A walkers’ paradise and wildlife haven in one of dramatic corners of Yorkshire, on the doorstep at Elmet Farmhouse holiday cottage at Pecket Well, above Hebden Bridge, near Hardcastle Crags, Haworth and the Yorkshire Dales.

Photographs copyright Lesley Jackson

February Forays

February hikes in the hills and dales around Hebden Bridge and the Upper Calder Valley in the South Pennines. A wildlife haven and walkers’ paradise in one of dramatic corners of Yorkshire

Photographs copyright Lesley Jackson and Ian Fishwick

River of Mist

Magical River of Mist

If you’re lucky you might see the famous River of Mist during your stay at Elmet Farmhouse, a remarkable phenomenon unique to this area. Usually it forms early in the morning as the sun rises and fog starts to lift, but sometimes  it appears later in the day after heavy rain.

Moisture is trapped in the steep-sided wooded valleys. Swathes of mist swirl around clinging to the hills, with Stoodley Pike and Heptonstall church peeping through on the tops.

There is nothing quite like the magical River of Mist – and Elmet Farmhouse gives you a bird’s eye view.


© All photos copyright Lesley Jackson