Deer oh Deer!

Deer oh Deer!


This beautiful roe deer…



… gave birth to this tiny kid in our hay meadow last week (June 2016)



Mother and child doing well – here’s the kid having a feed



And this is where it all happened – in the long grass of our hay meadow – with the backdrop of Heptonstall and Stoodley Pike. You can see just see the hind in the field on the lower right….



And here she is leaping through the buttercups and sorrel, circling round protectively while her kid is curled up in the grass



Roe Deer

Roe deer are regularly spotted in the wooded valleys around Hebden Bridge, especially early in the morning, sometimes venturing into the hilltop meadows or up onto the moors. The stags have small antlers and, when alarmed, they make a loud barking noise that echoes for miles around. These photographs were taken in Crimsworth Dean and Hardcastle Crags.



Getting down with the kids!


As if 2016 wasn’t good enough on the roe deer front, this year at Elmet Farmhouse we have been blessed with twins. Presumably it’s the same hind who has returned, or possibly her grown-up kid from last year. Either way, she clearly feels at home in the hay meadows at Elmet Farmhouse as she has chosen to come back and establish her nursery here again.

We spotted the twins in early June among the long grass with their mother but at that stage they were hard to see. It wasn’t until the hay  was cut in mid July that we were able to get some photographs. These images were taken by Ian in the late evening sunshine at the bottom of the field near our newly-planted trees.

© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson and Ian Fishwick

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