Photos of the Month 2017

Elmet Farmhouse Photos of the Month: 2017

A hand-picked selection of recent photos featuring views from Elmet Farmhouse at Pecket Well above Hebden Bridge and snapshots of the surrounding countryside in and around the Upper Calder Valley

May 2017

One subjects dominates this month… bluebells


An aurora borealis of bluebells in Hardcastle Crags


Close up and personal with the bluebells and stitchwort in Hardcastle Crags


Bluebells carpeting the earth beneath the trees in Hardcastle Crags


Newly-unfurled beech leaves overhanging Hebden Water in the woodland paradise of Hardcastle Crags


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


April 2017

Lamb piggy back in Crimsworth Dean


Number 1: new-born lamb in Crimsworth Dean


Early spring sunshine in Crimsworth Dean


Ramsons (aka wild garlic) in the woods in Crimsworth Dean


A river of ramsons rampaging down the steep slopes of Crimsworth Dean


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


March 2017

Mill chimney in Colden Clough near Heptonstall


Evocative remains from a huge complex of mills in the woods near Lumb Bank in Colden Clough


Elmet Farmhouse in the spring sunshine with a dazzling display of daffodils


View from Elmet Farmhouse at Pecket Well, looking towards Heptonstall and Stoodley Pike


The handsome stone mullion windows of 18th century Elmet Farmhouse, with forsythia and daffodils in the garden


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson

February 2017

River of Mist in Hardcastle Crags below Elmet Farmhouse with Stoodley Pike on the  horizon

Mist clearing in Pecket Well Clough below Elmet Farmhouse


Expectant sheep at Grain Farm in Crimsworth Dean


Heron nest-building in the treetops above Hardcastle Crags


Early morning above Colden Clough near Heptonstall


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson


January 2017

Stoodley Pike from bridleway above Horsehold, near Hebden Bridge


View from Pecket Well towards Heptonstall


View along Crimsworth Dean towards Stoodley Pike


Sheep in the bracken in Crimsworth Dean


Walshaw Lodge above Hardcastle Crags


© Photos copyright Lesley Jackson